The Top 5 Foods to Eat When Traveling in France

Apart from leading in the fashion industry, Paris, the city capital of France, is renowned for offering the best tasting wines and quality cheeses making France one of the most favored travel destinations in the world.

Traveling to France would never be complete without having a taste of its delectable dishes and French cuisines that are known for its excellent flavors and authenticity that has been passed on to several generations.  On route to your travel itinerary, be sure to stop at cafés, bistros, bakeries and restaurants highlighting the busy streets of the city and get the feel of the French living.

Here are the top 5 best foods every tourist should never miss to complete the French experience:

  1. Beef bourguignon


A traditional French recipe originated from the Burgundy region in the East of France is a stew of red wine-based beef and added with garlic, onions, bouquet garni and mushrooms to enhance the flavor that is slowly cooked until tender. The wine is used to tenderize the meat and adds flavor. The wonderful aroma of herbs and spices can easily draw attention to any restaurant goer, and a must try for travelers in France.

  1. Soupe à l’oignon

Soupe à l’oignon or French Onion Soup is usually served as a starter with croutons and bread topped with cheese. The delicate smell of caramelized onion with a hint of brandy or sherry and added with meat stock, water or milk and sometimes added with flour to thicken it a bit is a great prelude to a more exciting array of flavorful dishes for the entire French meal.

  1. Ratatouille

Don’t forget to order the famous Ratatouille while you’re in France. Originating from the southeastern French region of Provence, Ratatouille is one of the most famous French dishes that is oftentimes served as a side dish, a stuffing for crepes and omelets, or a meal. It’s a recipe of stewed vegetables, cooked first under high heat with a little amount of fat and then oven-baked in a dish. It surely is a great addition to your sumptuous meal.

  1. Chocolate soufflé

 No other best way to end the meal than to get a French dessert. Derived from the French word “soufflé” meaning “breath” or “pull”, this sweet chocolate dessert has a crispy crust with a creamy chocolate center surprise to satisfy every sweet tooth. Though this dessert is found on menus worldwide, it’s still wonderful to actually taste it from its origins.

  1. Baguette

A perfect take away food that any traveler can bring along while visiting the famous Eiffel tower and other monuments just like any other Parisian, this long thin loaf is made from basic lean dough and is well known for its length and crispiness. The traditional baguette does not contain additives and is mainly made from wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. It’s a French staple you can enjoy anytime and anywhere in France.

Every dish has its own story and getting a taste of it makes the travel experience even more exciting as you unravel the history and tradition of the place through the food you eat. It’s never enough to just go sight-seeing, especially in France, where you have to enjoy and feast on the mouth-watering and intensely satisfying meal for that unforgettable French experience.

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